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    CERAVER, a former subsidiary of the Alcatel-Alsthom group, began its activity in orthopaedics thanks to the chance meeting of a materials engineer, Daniel BLANQUAERT, and an orthopaedic surgeon, Pierre BOUTIN. This meeting marked the start of a series of innovations that would revolutionise the world of hip replacement orthopaedics.

    This is how the invention of the alumina-alumina articulation total hip prosthesis came about, along with discovering the significant potential of titanium alloy TiAl6V4.


    From alumina to anti-bacterial adhesion coating

    « Ambitious and modest, we are involved in the continuous improvement of the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system with determination and common sense.

    Above all, we rely on close collaboration with a number of renowned surgical and scientific teams, on our experience, on our energy and on the commitment of all our collaborators in a particularly multidisciplinary field. »




    Your patient, our priority

    Since its fundation, CERAVER is a company aiming for excellence, placing patient’s well-being at its center. Supported by renowned surgeons sharing our values, our approach is based on 5 axes which are the key words of our development strategy.

    Ceraver - Our patients

    Ethics and code of conduct

    Our approach is based on a strict respect about:

    • Obligations in terms of ANTI-GIFT LAW (Art.L4113-6 of the CSP and Order of January 19, 2017)

    • TRANSPARENCY (Art.L1453-1 of the CSP and Decree of December 28, 2016)

    • Compliance with the principle of acceptability of Benefit/Risk for the patient

    A French expert in orthopaedics

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    Based next to Paris, CERAVER has always been concerned to maintain all of its industrial activities in France. Thanks to that, design, industrial expertise, production and accreditation are all performed in France, thus respecting the regulatory requirements applied in Europe. Two production facilities totalling over 10,000m2 where last production and control technologies are implemented, ensure pursuit of excellence.

    Mastery from design to manufacturing

    CERAVER is the designer and manufacturer of its prostheses and associated surgical instruments. Pioneer and initiator of the use of alumina in orthopaedics, CERAVER is one of the only actors of this market to control the finishing of alumina ceramic.

    This know-how and experience allow us to control the quality of our products and processes, to benefit from an optimal response time and to be totally independent.

    Strict quality control and traceability

    An implantable product must be of impeccable quality. This is why CERAVER’s quality system is regularly examined and certified by an independent organization according to the ISO 13485 standard.

    A traceability is ensured from the primary material to the finished product allowing to follow a product during all its lifecycle (batches of primary materials, controls, results, control machines, controller, surgeon, date and place of implantation)


    Biology, tribology

    First tests on Al2O3 – Al2O3  articulation : Biology, tribology.

    Dr Pierre Boutin

    Dr Pierre Boutin performed the world’s first total hip prosthesis with an alumina-alumina articulation. This component presents very low wear and friction characteristics – essential parameters in the design of joint prostheses. Perfectly biotolerant, this component went on to become the reference for articulations.

    Titanium TiAl6V4

    Discovery of the potential of the titanium alloy TiAl6V4 by Daniel Blanquaert. Dr Pierre Boutin performed the world’s first implantation of a hip with a femoral stem made of titanium alloy TiAl6V4. This material went on to become the reference and is universally used in orthopaedics.

    World’s first implant

    World’s first implant of a cement-free metal cup in titanium alloy for a hip prosthesis with an alumina ceramic core, a solution subsequently adopted by all the world’s major laboratories.


    First implantation of our 2C HERMES, a total knee prosthesis which both cruciates remain intact.


    First implantation of our CERAFIT metal cup using the “triradius” concept.

    Posterior stabilized HERMES

    First implantation of our posterior stabilized knee prosthesis, HERMES PS.

    Patellofemoral HERMES

    HERMES Patellofemoral first implantation.


    Europeen patent for our cervical disc prosthesis, CERADISC.


    ANSM authorization for clinical studies on the ACTISURF bacterial anti-adhesion coating.

    Biology, tribology

    First tests on Al2O3 – Al2O3  articulation : Biology, tribology.