A French expert in orthopaedics

Based in Paris since its incorporation, CERAVER has always been committed to performing all of its activity on French soil. Design, industrial know-how, production and certification are all based in France, which has some of the most stringent levels of regulation in Europe.

Two sites totalling over 10,000m2 where cutting-edge production and control technologies are implemented, guaranteeing constant pursuit of excellence.

Expertise all the way through, from design to manufacture

CERAVER designs its own prostheses and ancillary instruments. A pioneer in launching the use of alumina in orthopaedics, CERAVER is one of the only operators in this market with expertise in alumina ceramic finishes. We initially opted for using pure alumina ceramic, and our experience over more than 40 years has proved us right.

This know-how and experience lets us control the quality of products and processes, and be extremely responsive and self-reliant.

Strict quality control and traceability

An implant product must meet the highest standards of quality. And this is why strict quality control is performed at every key stage in manufacturing, using certified procedures. This quality control is performed on 100% of output during critical stages.

Sound traceability is guaranteed all the way from raw materials to the end product, so that products can be monitored throughout their lives and their history traced back (batches of raw material, testing, results, testing machines, testing technicians, surgeons, date and place where implant surgery is performed).

CERAVER: 4 areas of activity

We specialise in 4 areas:

  • Hip (titanium alloy prostheses, cemented or cement-free, with alumina-alumina, alumina-PE or metal-PE articulation);
  • Knee (unicompartmental, femoropatellar, tricompartmental fixed or mobile bearing with or without conservation of cruciate ligaments, revision prostheses);
  • Shoulder (prostheses for fracture, anatomical, reversed);
  • Biomaterials (cement, bone substitutes, hydroxyapatite, anti-bacterial coating).

Holder of a number of international patents, CERAVER continues innovating on a daily basis, working for the advancement of orthopaedics and representing French excellence in the field.


Our quality system and products are approved by the French certification body LNE/G-MED.